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Professional photographer from St. Petersburg. Photo sessions in the historical center of St. Petersburg for tourists, wedding photography, family photo session, portrait photography. Photo sessions for Instagram and bloggers, shooting in the studio and interior. Reprinting of materials from the site is allowed only with the active link to http://www.teolola.ru. Permission to use photos specify on the specified contacts. Not a public offer.

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Photography in Saint Petersburg

Studio photo session
Street photo session
Photo Session Love Story
Portrait photo session
Photo session for pregnant women

Why people ❤️ Saint Petersburg?

Because of its beauty! The city is amazing. Palaces, rivers and canals, sculptures and many more interesting sights. If you are lucky with the weather, you will fall deeply in love with this city.

After walking around the city, be sure to sail on a boat along its rivers and canals. St. Petersburg will open to you from the new side.

Take as many photos as you can. You are welcome to contact me if you do not want to spend time on the making photo by yourself.

Online booking

Love in the City

Photo session in the historical center of St. Petersburg

Photo walk through the most beautiful and famous places of St. Petersburg. You are waiting for the most interesting plans and perspectives. Palaces, parks, streets, courtyards, front doors, houses, rivers and canals of St. Petersburg - this and much more serves as scenery for your future photos.

What do I need for a photo 📸 shoot?

Enjoy the City! The more natural you feel, the better you will look in the photo. We can come up with a walk plan. Record the places in which you want to take pictures. My goal is to create unforgettable photos of you in St. Petersburg.


I am a local citizen and more than anyone else I know where the best angles are available for shooting.


You are welcome to write me any questions about St. Petersburg. I will try to help you


My favorite photo models.


So much energy and emotion.


Love them!

Should I act like a 💃 model?

Why not?! :) But it's up to you. You have to feel confortable. The most important thing for successful photos is to take pictures with pleasure and with good mood. If you want to dress in a special suit or dress - you are welcome. Positive vibes everywhere.

If you have ideas for your future photography, then you can write me an e-mail. We will discuss how best to do this.

Welcome to St. Petersburg!