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Professional photographer from St. Petersburg. Photo sessions in the historical center of St. Petersburg for tourists, wedding photography, family photo session, portrait photography. Photo sessions for Instagram and bloggers, shooting in the studio and interior. Reprinting of materials from the site is allowed only with the active link to http://www.teolola.ru. Permission to use photos specify on the specified contacts. Not a public offer.

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Born in 1986 in St. Petersburg (ex. Leningrad)

Starting from my youth, Photography is an important part of my life. The first photo camera I had (like many in the 90s) was the parent "Kodak". On my 18th birthday I was presented with an amateur camera. Then I photographed friends, some special moments of life, everything I saw. Later I was interested in SLR cameras. The first experience gained by taking pictures on family "Zenith". On the advice of parents I entered the faculty of photography. Graduated with honors.

Thanks to the wonderful teachers Yu.Lukyanchenko and G.Trofimova for learning to understand the attitude to each frame. They finally interested me in photography. Thank you, dear parents, for understanding and believing in me.

Since 2009 I am engaged in professional photography and retouching photos.

Since 2010, my website Teolola.ru has been working. Here I posted my portfolio.

I specialize in portraits. Female image is close to me in spirit. I love wedding and child photography separately for naturalness and sincerity. The bright colors of the photography are the most beloved. It has freedom, spiritual impulse and balance.

Catching a moment, adding saturation to shades, hiding flaws, making them in the same style and combining this mood in one album. That is it what attracts me to the whole process of photographing.

I hope you enjoyed my portfolio.


Feel free to contact me.